You can help lots of people by donating little.

Our Causes

Help Economic Opportunity

We are eager to get economic support to secure Hebrew’s through their journey in the wilderness.

Help the Hebrew to get shelter

Offer your support to provide abodes for Hebrew You can support a Hebrew with a donation, a legacy or by volunteering your time and skills.

Sustaining in the time of Jacob's Trouble

You can help us re-bond the rural community that could help the Hebrews to learn the value of living together.

Help Hebrews to get Education

You can contribute funds to help  the Hebrews learn their language .

Rebuilding the Tabernacle

Let Help the farmers and all Hebrews fulfill their basic necessity of life from your donation.

Preparation is the key to survival in the wilderness

We will be all we have in the wilderness lets come together and get everything we need.