Baptism at the Jordan River

Baptism at the Jordan River


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Hebrews are the future of the world. Hence, we strive to provide the path to Yashaya for our Hebrews, so that they can make our world more beautiful. In order to provide valuable foundation, we are building the state-of-the-art infrastructure starting with understanding the importance of Baptism. Our Baptism Class will give you a clear foundation of why you should be Baptized and what steps you should take in walking upright in the Spirit of Yashaya Christ.

Baptism at the Red Sea

Get Baptized in the Jordan River

Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Joh 3:5  Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 

Mar_1:8  I indeed have baptized you with water: but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.


Hebrew Equality

There are various areas, where the Hebrews are exploited and deprived of their basic rights. In order to support Hebrew equality, we have processed the campaign to support Hebrew equality.


The Most High Holy Days

Our mission is to provide the Most High Holy Days for all the of Feast days.. We initiate campaign to reach to remote areas and have the Feast as well as strive to provide all kinds of Unification of the Hebrews.

Baptism at the Jordan River


Storing Food for Preparation in the Wilderness

In order to maintain effectively, our team is working to build a storehouse of food and materials for the upcoming worldwide famine.

Provide Knowledge

We are looking for partnerships with various major institutions to assist us in bridging the gap between Hebrews and rural living. Our team will help and oversee the necessary materials that will help the Hebrews sustain themselves in the wilderness.

Adult and Children Education

We understand that Bible education is critical for our Hebrew and Gentile Children . Hence, our team strive to provide the best education to all the Hebrews and Gentiles alike. We encourage adults to participate in this program with their children.

Last but definitely not least, The Building of the Tabernacle

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Hebrewizm is an extensive Aboriginal Hebrew educational essentials, where anyone from any part of the world can feel the little part of the fortune to enhance living standard and educational site as well as fulfill all other basic needs of the Hebrews.

We do not raise fund for ourselves. Indeed, we use all the funds that come through charity in the best of the best way in terms of holistic development of Hebrews of all age groups. Our team is relentlessly working day and night to ensure that there will no hassle for our fund donor.

We work for the restoration of the Aboriginal Indigenous Hebrew culture, who are daily exploited and need of a healthy environment, proper education, food, cloth and many more.

Hebrewizm is based on the understanding of you who we really are as the MOST HIGH AHAYAH'S chosen people. With that understanding comes the responsibility of us coming back to the Laws, Statutes and Commandments of AHAYAH. We are the law givers throughout the entire earth. We are the ones who are responsible of setting the standard of what is right and wrong. It will be You Hebrew who will teach the other nations what is acceptable in AHAYAH'S eyes. So with that said, you must be prepared and ready to take on this new role. You always had it in you, so let's start to nurture and cultivate this new being. Reading the scriptures daily is a must, in order to give the law, you must know it! So click the link and get started THE KJV BIBLE


Our Mission


Hebrew Development

Our mission is to provide the finest community of Aboriginal Hebrews. We initiate campaigns to reach to remote areas as well as strive to provide all kinds of essentials for the Development of the Hebrew community.


Wilderness Survival

We focus on Hebrew development and improving the survival of every Hebrew in the wilderness.



Every Hebrews needs aboriginal garments, therefore, we are also working in the best manner to provide all types of clothings to the Hebrews.

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